Your ideas can help combat climate change

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MIT’s Climate CoLab recently launched 16 contests, seeking a wide variety of ideas and proposals on what can be done to address climate change, and we want to make sure your community has the opportunity to participate.

At MIT’s Climate CoLab you can join a global community working to develop ideas on what we can do about climate change, right now.

If you submit one of the winning ideas, you’ll be able to present it before government officials, business executives, NGO leaders and scientists who can help move proposals toward implementation, as well as share it at an MIT conference, where a $10,000 Grand Prize will be awarded.

Even if you don’t have new ideas yourself, you can help improve other people’s ideas and support the ones you find most promising.

Current contests address low-carbon energy, building efficiency, adaptation, geoengineering, shifting public attitudes and behaviors, and over a dozen other topics.  Entries are due July 20, 2014.

Can crowdsourcing save the planet?  Join the crowd and find out at the Climate CoLab (

Paulo Brito

Climate CoLab Catalyst


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