A God’s story written in the sky

Paulo R.B. de Brito


I recently read a book written by a friend of mine called “Stars of Light: the Hidden Message of Redemption”.  The book explains how the twelve constellations of the zodiac actually tell the story of God’s redemption. The author explains that the story is divided into three sets of four constellations; which tell the biblical story of Jesus’ birth and life prophesy, His dealings with His elect people, and His coming in triumph over Satan respectively.

The author, Chris Siegel, writes that the constellation Libra depicts the Easter story; its stars telling us of God’s redemptive plan for us. The word “libra” means scales in Latin and similar meanings are found in many languages and cultures: weighing, or purchase, redemption of some sort, scales of justice, balance.

Within the constellation Libra, there are three main stars that reveal the message of God: The first star, Zuben al Genubi,

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